The Coolest and Trendiest Women’s Hoodie Recommendation

Looking fashionable wearing a hoodie has become a trend not only for men but also for women. Hoodie itself is a fashion item that functions as a warmer with the characteristic of having a hood on the head. Using a hoodie can increase a woman’s stylish style. There are so many models that it might make you confused to mix and match a hoodie with other clothes. For that you need a recommendation for a beautiful and cool women’s hoodie.

Generally, hoodies for women have three models, namely crop, regular, and oversized models. Each model has an influence on a person’s body shape. Therefore, it is important to know the function of the hoodie based on the model and body shape. In addition to the model, another tip for choosing a hoodie is to look at the material. A good hoodie material will definitely give a comfortable and luxurious impression to a hoodie jacket.

3 recommended models of cool women’s hoodies and their advantages:

Crop Model
This hoodie has a size of of the usual clothing length, this model can display a charming waist shape. By using this hoodie model, it will give a contemporary, fashionable, and sexy appearance. For those who are not comfortable with the exposed waist. Crop hoodies can be paired with high waisted bottoms, this can increase confidence. Especially for women who wear hijab, suits can be used by choosing a hoodie size that is larger than usual.

Regular Model
This regular model may have a common shape. However, this model is suitable for women who like to wear casual and simple clothes. The impression becomes much more interesting and hassle-free. This regular model, usually has a pocket in the stomach so that it can be used to store money, cellphones, and other items. This outfit is also suitable for women with hijab and everyday wear.

Model Oversize
This oversized hoodie, has a larger size than usual. This model gives a comfortable and boyish impression. Using an oversized hoodie will be easier to pair with any model of subordinates, because this model is more flexible. For hijabers, it is very suitable to use this model to maintain body curves.

3 Good and popular women’s hoodies recommendation materials:

Polyester Hoodie
This polyester material gives a luxurious impression to the hoodie, because polyester is a material made of synthetic fibers. This makes the outside of the hoodie more shiny and feels soft on the inside. The disadvantage of this material is that it is not easy to absorb sweat, but this material is very durable. On several occasions, there are hoodies that are full of polyester and some are mixed with other materials. You can choose it according to your needs.

Hoodie Material Babyterry
This material has a soft and thick impression, because baby terry is made of cotton or cotton fiber and politery. This material easily absorbs sweat, but the thick material makes it stretchy when washed.

Cotton Hoodie
Cotton is a material made from real cotton fibers. This material is also easy to absorb sweat. In addition, this material is not too thick so it gives a cold and comfortable impression. This material is more popularly used to make hoodies. Unfortunately, this material is very easy to wrinkle and fade easily, so you have to be careful in caring for the hoodie if you choose this cotton material. To keep it durable and not damaged.

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